How to clean the glass stove with the help of baking soda

To clean the glass stove is one of the best and most cost-effective method of using baking soda, which is very simple and inexpensive. Keep in mind, however, that cleaning up the gas will make it harder to delay it. First, mix the warm water and soap, then leave the cloth you used to clean in a mixture of water and soap. Leave it for a few minutes.

Then spread the baking soda to the extent that it covers the surface of the gas, then spread the fabric in a dirty area and let the 15-minute cloth stay in the same shape on the gas. Then drag the fabric in the same section as a circular gas to the extent that the surface of the gas is completely cleaned. Finally, dry the gas. If the gas level is not cleaned, repeat these steps and increase the length of time the fabric is on the gas. The longer the fabric remains, the more effective it is in cleaning the gas.

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