Gas Cooker Guide

Purchasing Guide: With the advent of today's human life, the arrival of all the tools for ease of use in the market has created a great deal of diversity. One of the accessories that should be in the kitchen should be the stove and there are different types. In this article ihome wants to explore this great tool to get to know more about it and introduce the good Iranian ovens and other brands. Stay with us so you do not miss this point.

Introducing stove types

Each device usually has a variety of types, and this variety in products made in home appliances gives us more power to choose. The stove is also made up of products that are produced in three types: desktop, stack, and stack. We want to examine each of the stove types in more detail.

Tabletop cooker

In this generation, stoves are usually produced in small type, like two flames, which are placed on the cabinet and are usually used in spaces such as offices that use less stove gas.

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